Frequently Asked Questions


I want to order a specific item and my size/color is not available. When can I order it?

Everything that is available is already listed within the online store. Please check back frequently for restocks. We do not have exact restock dates and items aren't always guaranteed to be restocked. Our recommendation would be to order an item immediately once it's available in order to secure your preference.

I ordered something and my order was refunded. Why?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that inventory numbers are 100% accurate at all times. In the event that an item has been oversold, you will receive a full refund from our Shopify store and an email explaining that the item was oversold.

I ordered a preorder item and it hasn't arrived yet. Where is it?

You ordered a preorder item, which means that the item is still in production and you are ordering the item before the item has been physically received by us. It takes 2-3 weeks from the beginning of an item's preorder stage for the item to arrive and be packaged up for shipment. You will receive a tracking number via email once your item has shipped. If it has been longer than 3 weeks, please feel free to reach out to store@girlswhohike.org.

I received an email and it says my order was delivered, but I don't see it here at the delivery location. Where is it?

Once your order leaves our location and enters USPS's possession, it is 100% out of our hands. If your order has a tracking number, please refer to that information and check all possible drop-off locations (including household members, neighbors, etc) before contacting your local USPS. If the package has been lost/stolen and it is showing as "delivered", again, it's out of our hands and you may consider filing with USPS or your financial institution for a refund. If your item does NOT have a tracking label and you would like to know the shipping status, please email store@girlswhohike.org.

I received my order and the item doesn't fit. Can I exchange/return it?

As long as the item is unworn and still in selling condition, we may exchange or return it. The shipping costs associated with this will be paid for by the customer. Once your exchange/return has been approved via email at store@girlswhohike.org, please ship the item back to GIRLS WHO HIKE, P.O. BOX 6101, PINE MOUNTAIN CLUB CA 93222. Once the item has been received on our end and it is confirmed that it's in an unworn condition, you will either receive a refund via Shopify or you will be sent the agreed exchanged item.

I wore/washed my item and now it looks/feels/fits differently. Can I exchange/return it?

Once the item has been worn or washed, the item cannot be exchanged or returned. This is because we do not know the conditions in which the item was worn or washed, which may have affected the look/feel/fit. Please make sure you read the tag on the item for washing instructions and follow for your item to last as long as possible.

I ordered more than one New Member Kit and only one arrived. Why?

The New Member Kits are one kit/order, as it states on the product page.

I placed an order and the item was returned to you due to an invalid address. Can you send it to me again?

Unfortunately, we used to spend the extra money to ship the order out again but this has been abused in the past. Effective July 5, 2017, if your order is returned to us due to an invalid address/unclaimed package situation, you will be refunded for the item (minus shipping) and the item will be placed for sale again in the online store.


Please do not hesitate to email store@girlswhohike.org if you have any further questions that weren't answered here!